Our focus

Our focus is creating an IT environment that allows your school’s educational possibilities to prosper. We integrate sustainable planning and budget forecasting with improvements and methods currently installed and future installations.

Our services

We provide specialised services for each school and our commitment and support assists your staff, students and parents/guardians to keep up-to-date with a holistic education environment. Our team is proactive, and always available and our wide range of services enables us to provide whatever ICT you require, hassle free.



As technology develops, the need for better support and understanding becomes evident. With our strategic auditing plan in place your school becomes completely financially accounted for and future-proofed. Along with our constant support we will assure you that your ICT is running smoothly and consistently.


By utilising our strategy, we ensure your hardware and software infrastructure is optimised. We will work with your team to tailor and enhance your software ensuring that it is user-friendly and effective, whilst also monitoring and managing hardware usage on a regular basis, with regular visits from our team.


We take responsibility for training you and your staff to ensure you receive the best value and optimisation from new hardware and software. We believe in development for a purpose.

Hardware & Software

The cornerstone of any IT infrastructure is hardware that is cost-effective and state-of-the-art. We work with your team to ensure that the hardware and software you are investing in is appropriate for what you would like to achieve, now and into the future.

Strategic planning & Reporting

A technical roadmap focussing on ICT makes it easier for you to project where you would like your school to be in the next 4 years. Our strategic plan provides you with a tailored pathway which is flexible and focuses on your school's goals and objectives. Our reporting indicates that we are engaged every step of the way and we will provide you with all ICT information and details whenever you need it.

Consulting & Project Management

Good communication between your staff and our team is beneficial for both parties and this will positively affect the overall project, and your staff's morale. Your staff will feel secure and supported as we are reliable and trustworthy, keeping you informed of all developments. We will create a financial plan together and from evaluation of current assets, we can forecast and budget for all future expenses. With this simple model we can customise to your staff's preferences.

Supporting Local Suppliers

It is important for our team to support local businesses and as such, we procure, plan and strategise with them, including equipment providers, contractors and partners. We are unbiased and we provide equal opportunities to local businesses.