Skype for Business

You can find Skype for Business by clicking your windows button and looking through your applications. Alternatively you can search for it in the search menu located next to your windows button.

Searching and Adding Contacts

  1. You can find and add contacts by entering the user’s name in “Find Someone” field, this link the complete EQ State-Wide directory.
  2. Enter the name or email address of the contact you would like to add. By right-clicking the name you will get the option ‘Add to Contact LIst’
  3. Double click the user’s name you wish to chat with, and the chat screen will pop up.

Navigating the chat function

a) Name and MIS ID of the recipient.
b) Invite other users to the conversation – can be used for group chat/video chats.
c) Recipient presence status.
d) Total participant count.
e) Conversation history pane.
f) Message field.
g) Add attachment – choose from any file on your computer.
h) Set message importance.
i) Emoticons.
j) Send (you can also use the Enter key).
k) Minimal mode.
l) Start video functionality – will turn on your camera.
m) Start audio functionality – Microphone will be turned on.
n) Start screen sharing – Allows the user to see your computer screen.
o) More options.