Sync your state school calendar to Outlook

Each Queensland State School has a dedicated calendar for you to publish and view events, such as Meetings, Appointments etc.

You can view this calendar online or sync it to your Outlook via the below steps.

  1. Open web browser and enter the following web address in the URL bar at the top:
    a){add your school code}
  2. On the SharePoint, scroll down until you see the Links section on the right-hand side.

a) Select School Calendar.

3. You’ll be taken the SharePoint Calendar where you can view all the events. Select the Calendar Option on the toolbar, at the top of the page.

a) Select Connect to Outlook

4. A dialog box will open to ask permission for you to let outlook access the calendar. Select Allow’

5. In Outlook, a dialog box will open asking for permission.

a) Select Yes

6. Outlook will sync the calendar, and you will be able to see what’s reflected from the SharePoint Calendar.

7. You should have normal access and permissions for usage of this Calendar. You will be able to View, Add, Update and Delete your Events.