Creating a Class OneNote

In your internet browser, go to:

  1. Access the App Launcher in the top left corner.

2. Click Class Notebook.
3. Click Create a class notebook.

4. Add Notebook Name – Name your new notebook, and then click Next. 

5. Notebook Overview – You will see an overview of the notebook which explains the sections: Collaboration Space, Content Library, Student Notebooks.

6. (Optional) Add another teacher to your class notebook – On this screen, you have the option to add another teacher to your class notebook. Any teacher added will have the same permissions as you do. Enter the name(s) of the teacher (or their full email address) and press Enter. Repeat if you wish to add additional teachers. When completed click Next.

7. Add student names – Add your students to your class notebook by adding them individually or by pasting a list of students.

    • To add students individually, simply type their names in the text box (or their full email address) and then press Enter. As you type the app will look up possible matches.
    • To add individual students in bulk, you can copy-paste a list of students. After you paste the students’ names into the text box, the app will look up each name. The app may take a few moments to automatically resolve each name.
    • Click Next after you’ve added all of your students.
    • The students will now automatically receive the link as an email.

8. Design Student Spaces – Start each student notebook with sections.

    • Click Add More to add additional sections in each student’s notebook. Type in the name of the section. e.g Assignments. Click Next when finished.

9. Preview and Finalize your Class Notebook – Click Teacher’s notebook and Students notebook to verify how the sub-notebooks and sections will be created for the class.

    • Click the Back Icon to go back to add or remove sections, or click Create to have the app create your class notebook.

10. Done – The notebook is now ready.

Steps for using OneNote Tool's

Option 1

  1. On your laptop click on the Start Icon.
  2. Click on OneNote 2016.
  3. Notebook – Your Notebook will automatically open.
  4. Sections – To rename section, right click on section and select Rename
    1. Enter the name of the section and click anywhere on page.

5. Add new Section – Click on the + sign to add new sections and type in name.

6. To name pages type in the section that says heading.

7. To add pages, click on + Add Pages on right hand side.

8. Insert – Audio Click on Insert tab then click on Record Audio – the computer will start recording straight away.

Video – Click on Insert tab then click on Record Video – the computer will start recording straight away.

To stop recording click on Audio & Video Playback. Click on Stop