How to create shared folders in OneDrive

One of the easiest ways to use OneDrive for file sharing is to setup a dedicated folder that you and other people can use to share files. This option works great with for sharing with friends or family members, small office or a project team. 

In OneDrive, create the folder you want to use for sharing. Give it a name that will make its purpose immediately obvious even if someone else sees it in their OneDrive: For example, you might call it 2019 Budget – Shared Files. Sync that folder to the cloud and send a shared link to that folder with the other person (or persons) you want to share it with. (Make sure you allow editing.)

Your friends co-workers receive a link that takes them to OneDrive on the web, where they can click Add to my OneDrive.

When you add a shared folder to OneDrive, your changes show up for anyone with access to the folder.

That adds the shared folder to their OneDrive. It shows up in File Explorer automatically, and any files either of you add, edit, or delete are automatically synced to everyone else in the group.