Adding bookmarks from Internet Explorer to Chrome or Edge


Open Microsoft Edge and select Settings and more   

Select Favourites Import.

In the Import from menu, choose if you want to import your favourites from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

Under Choose what to import, select Favourites or bookmarks(you can also select other items).

Select Import.

When the import is complete, you’ll see a notification. Select Done.


Export your favourites from Internet Explorer

If for some reason the automatic method doesn’t work — or if you just like to do things the manual way — it’s easy to back up your favourites yourself. Here’s how to back up your favourites from Internet Explorer!

Open Internet Explorer.

Click on the Favourites (star) icon in the upper-right.

Click the down arrow next to “Add to favourites.”

Click Import and Export.

Select Export to a file.

You’ll want to export your favourites, but you can also export feeds and cookies if you’d like.

Now that your bookmarks or favourites are backed up, we can import them into the Chrome browser!

Open the Chrome browser.

Click the three dot menu in the upper-right corner.

Hover your mouse icon over bookmarks.

Click Import bookmarks and settings.

Select Bookmarks HTML File.

Select the file you backed up from another browser.

Click Import.

Select the folder of favourites you’d like to export.

Choose where you’d like the file to be saved at on your computer.

Click Save.