Access Office 365 Online

  1. Click on the web address text box & navigate to
  2. Enter your EQ email address (including, you will be taken to MIS portal to verify your username, for this verification, you will only need your username and password.

3. You are now ready to access your online Office 365 applications (Homepage).

Navigating Office Online

  1. By clicking on the icons, you will be taken to the respective online version of the application, i.e if you clicked word, you will be taken to Word Online. If you create a document in this word it will be saved into your OneDrive.
  2. Outlook takes you to your emails, this will be your online version of sending and receiving emails.
  3. Onedrive is your online cloud storage; you can use this to store files and also share files to anyone in the EQ region. This allows you to work collaboratively with anyone in EQ.
  4. All accounts linked to the EQ domain ( can use up to 5 licenses on 5 different devices for your full Microsoft Office suite. This includes PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Word and OneNote.