“We Provide architectural, operational and implementational support specific to all your technological requirements”

Educational Benefits

• the delivery of education to students using the latest, easy-to-use methods
• utilising IT as the conduit - engagement and communication across the broad school environment (teachers, students, parents/caregivers)
• fun, informative, productive learning environments

Financial Benefits

• developing a sustainable solution
• investing in IT longevity
• increasing IT effectiveness and efficiency
• avoiding unplanned financial outlays

Technical Benefits

• an informative, current, technological environment tailored to your school providing complete automation
• ongoing IT support, both remote and onsite
• long-term management of IT infrastructure
• analysing and implementing project requirements

Our Technical Officers are…

  • fully qualified and trained to work in any ICT infrastructure including departmental and non-departmental schools
  • current blue card holders, regularly screened for the school environment
  • current orange card holders certifying them to high-level support tasks within managed operating environments.


As a team we…

  • provide expert analysis, advice and support to your senior management team
  • have an innovative way of applying techniques, solutions and modern technologies to satisfy school requirements
  • supply and provide quality administration and procurement of all ICT hardware and software
  • manage and monitor ICT delivery and performance, assuring service level agreements for technical support repairs and maintenance
  • deploy and maintain integral management of educational delivery systems in accordance to departmental ICT standards and policies
  • create and cultivate standardised practices and procedures that assist in the use of technology for teaching, learning and professional development
  • organise maintenance and repairs of school ICT assets
  • administer high level advice and assistance on:   selecting, procuring and installing a range of new hardware or software; and the improvement of existing ICT
  • manage school ICT assets including the registration and safe/secure disposal of hardware and software, and we assist in yearly stocktakes.

Maximising Efficiency

The implementation of innovative and modern technology will assist in the revitalisation of your school’s IT environment. This will maximise staff and students' productivity within your school through user-friendly hardware and software.

Sustainable Strategy

Our sustainable strategy is tailored to your school’s environment and we will financially future-proof your school's budget for the long term with careful planning and monitoring. We will equip your school's IT environment with long-lasting structures and we will remove unnecessary and unplanned expenses.

Improving the IT Environment

Our initial focus is to improve the foundations of your school's IT infrastructure, emphasising longevity. From our experience, with careful monitoring, this diligently satisfies all future endeavours, goals and objectives. The improved IT environment affects students' learning in a positive way.