The Jatly IT for Schools Program is a new fundraising opportunity for schools to earn much needed IT Equipment through the local communities use of the Jatly smartphone app.

The program will be available to all Queensland schools initially, and is due to expand Australia wide in 2013.

Jatly Supporting the Community

Jatly is a free smartphone application promoting local community communication that also provides paid advertisement space for local businesses in the form of coupons.

Diagram 1: Supporting Businesses.. Supporting the Community

When users of this application open and read the coupon, they earn 10 Jatpoints for the School of their choice.    Each Jatpoint is worth 1c credit, so 10 Jatpoints are worth 10c of Jatcredit* to spend on much needed IT supplies.  See diagram below.

Diagram 2: Jatly Program Overview

Allocation of Contributions

When a smartphone user downloads the Jatly app from the Google Play Store or App Store, they select the School they would like to benefit from the Jatpoints earned.

The Jatly app will send up to 12 advertisements/coupons per phone per day, usually in batches of 4 each time, depending on the number of advertisers targeting your geographic area. This allows each individual phone user the chance to earn an average of $1.00 a day* for their nominated School. A School with 50 smartphone users supporting them can earn a maximum of $60 each day*.

To earn the 10 Jatpoints for their chosen school beneficiary, the smartphone user needs to press the Accept button to show they have read the coupon.

This confirmation step is what gives Jatly Australia’s advertising medium an edge over other current advertising methods. Advertisers will get better feedback, driving advertising volumes up to 12coupons distributions per phone per day, and increasing the JatCredit earning capacity for the school beneficiaries accordingly.

Diagram 3: Jatly providing credit for IT supplies

New Advertisers

New Advertisers are encouraged to trial Jatly with a free one week campaign.  While the advertising coupons from these Advertisers are identifiable as a non-earning coupon, it is recommended that smartphone users still support these Advertisers by reading and accepting their coupons.  Showing these Advertisers how this app works with normal usage, will encourage them to continue using this advertising medium as a paid Advertiser, earning IT supplies for the School and building on the Community Support Cycle.

Note: Although non-earning coupons do not earn Jatpoints for a School, the advertised special within the coupon is still valid for usage by the smartphone user with the advertising business.

Supporting Schools in this Moving Age

Since the Jatly app utilizes the new smartphone technology that is increasinginpopularity each day, it can be a huge benefit to schools.

Jatly Australia is helping Australian schools:

  • keep up with technological advancements
  • have access to the latest technical teaching tools
  • produce children with experience and knowledge in the latest technology

Jatly’s smartphone technology and automatic tallying is a user friendly system that’s easy to set up and maintenance free. There are no requirements for the school to organize ongoing collection bins, or to invest time collecting, counting and tallying vouchers/stickers.


The  Jatly IT for Schools Program is open to registered Child Care, Primary and Secondary schools within Australia. Please see the program Terms and Conditions for more information.

To participate in the program, the Principal or an authorised representative of the Principal must register as the coordinator.


* Should Jatly Australia Pty Ltd be required to refund an Advertiser for payment of their campaign or any part of their campaign, the points relating to this refund will be deducted from the accounts that were credited during the course of the campaign.

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